Ras Kutani 2019 Opening

Simon & Giulia
June 6, 2019
Ras Kutani

Opening a camp is always a mix of challenges and memories.

There is a lot of work to be done on a timing of approximately 10/15 days before the first guests arrive. The biggest challenge a beach camp like Ras Kutani can have: the rain.

This season the rain only stopped around the 26th of May, leaving us only a few days to paint the whole camp, bring new sand all over camp and of course wash and dry pillows, mosquito nets, blankets & towels.

Every day at the meeting of 8 o'clock, everyone was looking at each other and all of us were hoping the same thing: that the rain would give us at least the time to reach one of the rooms without being completely soaked.

Our suppliers couldn't come to camp because of the bad road, all the bridges of our lagoon walk got washed away and the lagoon was just one together with the Indian Ocean. I would call it beautiful and fascinating, but having to remove your shoes & clothes every time just to walk to the other side of the beach can also be "annoying".

We all know these are challenges we have every season, the real truth is that opening a camp is actually great fun.

You come back after almost two months of holiday with all the staff and you start from zero. The staff sings, has dinner together watching television and you share a lot of good moments. This is difficult to have during the busy season because everyone is working long and hard to give the best experience to our guests.

Here at Ras Kutani, we had lots of fun re-inventing ourselves into interior designers and shop decorators.

Our meticulously arranged shop!

Giulia, Simon, Charles & Noah worked for hours taking out items from boxes, thinking where to place them in the shop, trying to make it the most attractive of all the camps.

From the Kikoi to the Ras Kutani t-shirts, our wooden craft corner to our popular Tinga Tinga Fishes. We used our creativity, our ideas & a little bit of Instagram (we did check some cool ideas on it) to make our shop colorful and special again.

Details are extremely important and once we finished with the shop, we started to make our own price list from Elephant dung paper and attached them with a little bit of raffia. It's fascinating how everyone has its own view and own personality when it comes to being creative. Believe it or not we had more than one intense brainstorming on how the shop should look like and eventually we ended up all having a well deserved cold drink watching the sunset once we finished!

Did you know that the items in the shops of all our camps are coming from community projects in Tanzania, from supporting women to people with disabilities?

Now all we are waiting for is you, so you can also be part of the fun!

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