Southern Tanzania Honeymoon


Offering an unrivalled snapshot of Tanzania’s Southern Circuit, this 10-night trip combines three of Selous Safari Company camps: an incomparable wildlife experience at two contrasting safari destinations with your final port of call being our very own Private Island.

Romantic Dinners at Jongomero


  • Combination of two of Tanzania’s most spectacular parks

  • Ultimate private wilderness experience with 1 day with a private vehicle at Jongomero

  • Perfect honeymoon combination of adventure, romance, amazing game experiences and relaxation

  • Perfect private beach retreat with plenty of marine adventure

  • Relaxation is the keynote to Fanjove with a selection of activities including spa, snorkelling, diving, bird watching, dhow sailing, walks, fishing, and swimming with dolphins


Details: 3 nights Siwandu Camp (Nyerere NP), 3 nights Jongomero Camp (Ruaha NP), 1 full day with a private vehicle in Ruaha & 4 nights Fanjove Private Island

Including: All food, drinks (except at FPI), laundry, flights, fees, transfers*


Broadly spaced along the shore of Lake Nzerakera, Siwandu's superbly appointed accommodation ensures maximum privacy. Guests enjoy every opportunity to soak up the sights and sounds of the African bush, observing animals as they saunter past.

Boasting UNESCO World Heritage Site status Nyerere National Park (former Selous Game Reserve) is home to the most exceptional and diverse wildlife, with more than half of Tanzania's elephant population, over 40,000 hippos and the largest population of lion on the continent.

Just a 45 minute flight from Dar es Salaam and an easy transfer from the airstrip, Si􏰕andu camp is located in a grove of palms on the shore of Lake N􏰖erakera. As 􏰕well as ensuring a stunning backdrop for the camp, this lakeshore location offers jaw􏰕-dropping game view􏰕ing 􏰕ith a great numbers of animals gravitating around the lake. You w􏰕ill receive an orientation briefing upon arrival, then have time to settle into 􏰔your tented suite over looking the lake. A delicious lunch w􏰕ill be served w􏰕ith stunning vie􏰕ws over the lake or out on the Pontoon boat accompanied by􏰔 the chance to spot the hippos and crocodile drifting past 􏰔you. Afternoon tea w􏰕ill give 􏰔ou the opportunit􏰔y to meet and share freshly􏰔-baked cake w􏰕ith 􏰔our fello􏰕w safari-goers before embarking on 􏰔our first game activity􏰔. Returning to camp having ex􏰗perienced the local bush life, you will enjoy drinks around the campfire and a tasty three-course dinner under a canopy of stars.

After a memorable night, w􏰕ith the noises of the bush just bey􏰔ond 􏰔your canvas, y􏰔ou can start y􏰔our da􏰔y w􏰕ith early􏰔 morning tea or coffee delivered to 􏰔our tent by􏰔 y􏰔our personal butler. At Siw􏰕andu, game drives tend to follow􏰕 a heart􏰔 breakfast giving the animals time to gravitate to􏰕ards the lake. This usuall􏰔y ensures a far denser concentration of game around the camp.
Si􏰕wandu offers a brilliant range of game activities for its guests. Climb on board one of our open sided 4WDs to ex􏰗plore the landscape and enjoy􏰔 tales of w􏰕ild encounters that y􏰔our ex􏰗pert guide w􏰕ill share w􏰕ith 􏰔you.

Due to its unique lake-side position 􏰔you can take to the w􏰕ater on a leisurel􏰔y boat cruise, and w􏰕ind y􏰔our 􏰕way􏰔 along the Rufiji River tributaries. Venture close and see the animals from a different perspective 􏰕while y􏰔ou learn more about the fascinating life of w􏰕ater birds and our 􏰕wonderful populations of hippo and crocodile. Or, set 􏰔our clock to ex􏰗perience the thrill of a daw􏰕n game 􏰕walk and have the opportunity􏰔 to track animals and engage w􏰕ith the smaller habitats and ecos􏰔ystems.

Don􏰅't be daunted be􏰔 the earl􏰔y start; there􏰅 is plent􏰔y of time to make up for it later by􏰔 the pool, the perfect place to relax􏰗 and enjoy􏰔 a mid-afternoon snooz􏰖e. For guests 􏰔younger than 16, w􏰕ho cannot take part in our main w􏰕alk, 􏰕we offer a fun, fact-filled children􏰅's w􏰕alk around our camp footprint.

Day 4-6: Jongomero, Ruaha National Park

Under the magnificent shade trees, on the banks of a seasonal river in the remote southern sector of the Ruaha National Park, Jongomero is gloriously isolated. Far from the madding crowds, this secluded idyll offers a chance to discover true unadulterated wilderness.

After a 1.5 hour flight from Siwandu or 2.5 hour flight from Dar es Salaam you will arrive at the Jongomero airstrip, used exclusively for our guests. Greeted by your guide, you will be driven 5 minutes to Jongomero camp where a traditional safari lunch awaits.

Under a dappled riverine canopy, this secluded sanctuary is positioned on the banks of a seasonal riverbed. A natural pathway for animals in search of water, the camp is the most splendid spot to experience the region’s extraordinary diversity of animals, birds and plants. Before setting off on your first activity, spend some time relaxing by Jongomero's swimming pool. Set in an elevated position overlooking the riverbed this is the perfect spot to watch the bush go by.

Epitomising ‘wild Africa’ in its most rugged, glorious form, you’ll explore Ruaha’s undulating landscape which is home to giant baobabs and the Park’s rich variety of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, impala, eland, hippo, crocodile, lion and leopard.

Each evening over drinks, you'll have the chance to discuss your plans for the next day with our team. Whether you chose to explore by vehicle or on foot, our expert guides will ensure you enjoy the wealth of biodiversity Ruaha has to offer.Game drives around Jongomero are unique and cater for the safari connoisseur; our remote location situated more than 30km from the next nearest camp means we don’t share our game viewing with any other guests or vehicles.

Alternatively we offer a dawn game walk during the dry season. With the African sun warming your back, you’ll navigate the parched riverbeds while your guide tells you fascinating, often bizarre stories, about the local flora, fauna, insects, birds and animals.For a truly authentic African adventure, Jongomero also offers a fly- camping safari in the mighty Ruaha (min 3 night stay at Jongo). Arriving at the exclusive wilderness camp either by road or by foot, you’ll be able to refresh with hot bucket showers before settling in around the camp-fire for a sundowner. After a tasty bush dinner, sleep beckons under the dome of a star-gazer tent. You’ll return to the luxury of main camp the next morning ready to share your bush tales.

Days 7-10: Fanjove Island, TANZANIAN COAST

Fanjove Island is the smallest of six islands in the Songosongo Archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania. Palm-fringed, powder-white sands; azure, shimmering waters; the call of birdsong; and the whole island to yourself...

A short 40 minute flight from Dar es Salaam takes you to Songo Songo island, where you will be greeted by a Tuk Tuk to take you on a short 5 minute transfer to the jetty. From there you will sail over to the Island.Upon arrival kick off your shoes (you won't be needing them again) and enjoy a refreshing coconut and fresh fruit. You will be welcomed by a member of our team and shown to your traditional eco-banda.Enjoy a delicous lunch of freshly caught seafood and arrange with the Activities Manager how you would like to spend the rest of the day.Choose to relax with a book or take a walk around the island. Take out a paddleboard or kayak and circumnavigate the island; with no one in sight this is the perfect way to settle into the island pace.

As the sun begins to set, climb the steps of the 19th century lighthouse and take in the 360 views of the island and ocean with sundowner in hand.A candlelit dinner will be served with your feet in the sand. On a clear night the star constellations are beautiful so don't forget to look up before you climb into bed.

Each evening the Activities Manager will discuss your options for the following day. You may want to spend all day in the water and exploring the island, or snoozing on a sun lounger with a book - it is completely up to you.You can be woken at your chosen time with tea or coffee, presented through a secret hatch in the banda. Then at your leisure wander down the beach for breakfast.While away your days here by walking through the island trail or at low tide walk around the outside of the island, exporing rockpools and coves filled with colourful crabs.You can snorkel straight off the main beach or head out to explore the 11km coral reef stretching around the island. Our activitities managers are padi trained and can facilitate beginner or refresher dives for any ability.Sail out on a marine safari in search of spinner and bottlenose dolphins, or even humpback whales (seasonal). Be sure to take some time to relax and refresh, lay on sun loungers or take leisurely walks around the island.

*All third party costs for government and aviation fees are subject to change