At Selous Safari Company, the safety of our guests and staff is paramount. To meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by Covid-19, we have launched our 'Stay Safe' initiative. This initiative is focused on enhanced camp cleaning practices, social distancing and workplace protocols.

Stay Safe Covid 19 Protocols

For further information kindly access our Covid-19 health and safety protocols below.

Stay safe initiative & policy details


With its vast open spaces and off-the-beaten track safari camps, Tanzania is an ideal destination for those seeking out remote, unpopulated, crowd-free travel experiences surrounded by nature, in miles of fresh air. Here are a few things that you should take note off when travelling to Tanzania:

Pre-departure Requirements:
- All travellers (including children) are required to complete a Travellers Surveillance Form, to be submitted within 24 hours before arrival. Upon submission you will receive a Unique Health Code which will be requested during primary screening.

On Arrival / Departure:
- Travellers entering URT, including Tanzanians, returning residents, and those in transit through land borders who are:
a) Fully vaccinated individuals will be exempted from both the RT PCR and Rapid Antigen Test requirements. Travellers will be required to present a valid vaccination certificate with a QR code for verification upon arrival. The only accepted vaccines are those that have been approved by the URT and the World Health Organisation.
b) Passengers not fully vaccinated, unvaccinated, and those not eligible for vaccination due to their country’s policy will be required to present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR or NAATs certificate with QR code obtained within 72 hours before departure. If travellers originate from countries listed at www.moh.go.tz or points of entry will be tested for COVID 19 upon arrival using a Rapid Antigen Test at their own cost of 10 USD (TZS 23,000) for Tanzania Mainland. If found positive, they will be tested with RT-PCR for confirmation, allowed to self-isolate, and the results will be sent via email or any other means.
c) Those not fully vaccinated or are unvaccinated and have no negative COVID 19 RT- PCR certificate will be dealt with as follows: In case of air transport and international marine vessels, they will be tested for COVID- 19 using an RT PCR test at their own cost of 100 USD for Tanzania Mainland. Results will be sent to them while they are self-isolated. 
d) Children aged 5 years and below will be exempted from both the RT PCR and Rapid Antigen Test requirements.

- Travellers who are eligible for Rapid Antigen Test above are advised to pay online to avoid unnecessary queues upon arrival through an automatically generated control number obtained after filling out the online Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form. For those in Tanzania Mainland, pay through https://afyamsafiri.moh.go.tz. The symptomatic positive Rapid Antigen travellers will be isolated for treatment at designated health facilities as per the National COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines.
- Travellers in transit by air transport are exempted from both vaccination and COVID 19 testing requirements unless stated otherwise by the conveyance to be used or the country of their final destination.

All departing travellers are advised to seek information prior to departure from their travel agent regarding the COVID-19 requirements of their country of destination or conveyance to be used.

Download the official Travel Advisory (no.10 of 16 March 2022) below for further details: