Exploring Fanjove with our local children

Selous Safari Company
October 14, 2020

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a group of seventy learners with their teachers from Songo Songo Primary School for an exciting day out on Fanjove Island.

This initiative forms part of our efforts to involve and educate our local communities and the children in order for them to have a better understanding of the impact of tourism. We explain how tourism contributes to assisting us to conserve and protect this unique eco-system.

We explored Fanjove Island and took them on a tour around the island to see our bandas and to learn more about what activities we offer our guests. Abdallah, our Activities Supervisor, shared his stories with the children and explained why it's so important for us to conserve and protect the island, the reefs and the marine animals.

Chef Abdi prepared a delicious beef curry and pilau masala for our local guests. When tummies were full, we ended off the visit with an exciting game of beach soccer and a swim in the ocean.

Songo Songo Primary School girls visiting Fanjove Island

It is our hope by sharing what we do best with the children they will grow to love and appreciate their environment. They will have a deeper understanding of how tourism can assist in helping to protect and conserve the area and ultimately a possible career choice for them in the future.

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