For a truly memorable and exhilarating, yet uber-relaxing honeymoon, you don’t have to look any further than Tanzania. Southern Tanzania is the epitome of unspoilt wilderness and exciting safari adventures. Combined with beautiful white-sandy beaches and a secluded island along the coast you have the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable and romantic honeymoon.

While most people are already familiar with the Northern Circuit of Tanzania where the iconic Serengeti National Park is located and the well-known (albeit somewhat crowded) beaches of Zanzibar, many have not yet explored the beautiful areas of Southern Tanzania. It is here in the south of Tanzania where you’ll find some of the most secluded and incredible National Parks. This is surely one of Tanzania’s best kept secrets. It’s an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination “off the beaten track”.

Jongomero | Ruaha National Park

There are many reasons to visit the south of Tanzania, below we have listed the five main reasons why we believe you should include it on your honeymoon bucket list:

1. It is the perfect combination of bush and beach experiences

If you are looking for an authentic experience combining both elements of adventure and relaxation, the bush and beach experiences in the south of Tanzania is a great choice. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as coming face to face with some of Africa’s most incredible wildlife - elephant, leopard, lion, giraffe and wild dogs, to name only a few. In addition to normal game drive, you can go for walks where you will get the opportunity to track on foot some of these animals with your guide while you learn more about the smaller animals, insects and plants that thrive in this area.

For an added element of adventure, try out our overnight fly camping experience while staying at Jongomero in the Ruaha National Park. Our team will set up a temporary camp for you in one of the beautiful locations in the park. Here you will enjoy a special evening as they prepare a delicious meal for you to enjoy under the stars. Sleep in one of our canvas tents for the evening to enjoy a truly unique bush experience. The next morning after breakfast you will enjoy a morning walk back to the comfort of the main camp. You will leave no traces but the memories of this unique experience will stay with you for a lifetime. Seasonal available mid July to end November each year.

Siwandu located in the Nyerere National Park (former Selous Game Reserve), there is a unique opportunity to combine both water based safaris with your normal game drive in 4WD vehicles. A water based safari gives you the chance to see the animals from a different perspective either as they come down to Lake Nzerakera to drink or to see them in their natural habitat in the water. You will experience the wonderful population of crocodiles and hippos.

There is plenty of time to enjoy the comfort of our camps. Both Siwandu and Jongomero tents are spacious, comfortable and private. At Jongomero you can relax on your private deck with lovely views over the dry riverbed. Wildlife often passes along the dry riverbed in search of water and food. The pool area at our camps is a great spot for cooling down and relaxing before you depart on your afternoon game drive.

Jongomero | Ruaha National Park

There is no better way to end off your safari adventure with a few days spent on the remote islands of Tanzania. Fanjove Island is located in the Songo Songo Archipelago. This secluded island with its palm trees, white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters is the perfect place to unwind. There are no schedules here and a great opportunity for a digital detox. You can choose to simply relax all day or decide to go off to explore the island by kayak or snorkel around the pristine reef along the island. For an added adventure go diving, take a boat trip to see dolphins and other marine animals or simply enjoy a private picnic on one of the remote locations on the island.

You will leave feeling refreshed, with many incredible experiences and interesting stories to share with family and friends back home. Memories of a life time.

2. Enjoy locations that are completely off the beaten track

In the South of Tanzania, you will find some of the most incredible pristine wilderness areas that are off the beaten track. As your light aircraft flies over this beautiful natural landscape you will immediately know you are about to arrive somewhere really special.

The Ruaha National Park is well off the beaten track with our camp, Jongomero tucked away in one of the remote corners of the park. The park is about 130 kilometers west of Iringa and 625 kilometers from Dar es Salaam. When visiting Jongomero the best way to reach the camp is by taking a light aircraft flight into the park.

On your game drives in the Ruaha you will most probably not come across another game drive vehicle and will enjoy most of the incredible wildlife sightings on your own. This means you can spend as much time as you want at a sighting and the animals will feel relaxed and comfortable without the presence and noise of other vehicles.

The Nyerere National Park (forming part of the Selous Game Reserve) was established in 2019 and is the largest national park in Africa. It covers an area of over 30 000 square kilometers. Its located in the south of Tanzania about 320 kilometers from Dar es Salaam. The best and fastest way to get here is by a light aircraft flight stopping at the nearest airstrip  in the park.

Siwandu is located on the shores of Lake Nzerakera, part of the water byways of the Rufiji River system. You will have a good chance to spot wild dogs (also known as painted dogs), as this area is home to Africa’s largest population.

Wild Dogs at Siwandu | Nyerere National Park

Zanzibar with a magnitude of beach resorts is a well known tourist destination in Tanzania. It is however south of Zanzibar in the lesser known unspoilt Songo Songo Archipelago where the real magic happens. A 45 minute light aircraft flight from Dar es Salaam you will find Songo Songo Island from here it will take a 40 minute boat transfer in a traditional dhow sailing boat to reach Fanjove Island.

Fanjove Island is a little piece of paradise. Covering about one kilometer in length and 400 meters in width, this secluded island will be all yours to explore and enjoy. There are only six eco-bandas on the island. Each Banda is privately located, all with magnificent views over the ocean. This unpretentious island experience offers you all the best of an incredible isolated beach stay. It is comfortable and incredibly laid-back, but with the same level of service that you will find across all the Selous Safari Company properties. The best is this beautiful hidden gem won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. With so much value to offer this is the perfect place to enjoy your special honeymoon.

Fanjove Island

3. Enjoy a completely personalised safari and beach experience

All our Selous Safari camps and properties are small and personal. Jongomero has eight tented suites all privately located along a dry riverbed. Siwandu has ten spacious tents and Fanjove Island has six eco-bandas. All our suites at all our camps offer maximum privacy and are spaciously laid out.

When you take up our honeymoon special, you will have the unique opportunity to spend one private morning and private afternoon game drive activity during your stay at both Jongomero and Siwandu. During this time you will be our only guests on the vehicle which means you will have the opportunity to dictate exactly how you would like to spend your game drive activity with your guide.

At Fanjove you will enjoy a complementary private picnic with a cocktail of the day with your loved one during your stay. For an even more memorable honeymoon opt to go out on a private sunset dhow sail excursion and take in the beauty of the ocean while you celebrate with a glass of bubbly. If you plan it accordingly you can also get the opportunity to visit Pupu Island. Once a month when the tide is right, the small island of Pupu appears and will stay accessible for two or three days. We will set up a comfortable space with shade on the island for you, while you explore the surroundings while snorkeling around. We end off the Pupu Island experience with a delicious picnic lunch prepared by our chef .

Fanjove Island

Our team will make sure you have a wonderful experience with us, every evening will discuss with you a plan based on the weather forecast the next day’s preferred activities.

4. Great attention to detail

Our team loves to create special moments for our guests. From the moment you arrive to the day you leave, you will be treated as part of the Selous Safari Company family.

We strive to make each guest’s experience special and comfortable. When staying with us we will make sure your dining experiences are romantic and special, whether it means setting up a table for dinner in the dry riverbed just for you or serving breakfast on the banks of Lake Nzerakera. At Fanjove we will set up a romantic dinner  just for the two of you at the top of the old German lighthouse (weather permitting). Gaze out over the beautiful ocean landscape as you listen to the gentle sounds of the waves crashing below.  

Dining on the beach | Fanjove Island

All our camps offer the same personal level of service and high attention to detail whether you interact with our managers, guides, housekeeping or kitchen staff. Most of our team members have been with Selous Safari Company for well over 15 years and form part of  the heart of our organisation.

5. You will have truly authentic African experiences

Tanzania is a special country to visit. The local people are kind and welcoming and have a unique culture and story to share with visitors. Once you experience Africa (and Tanzania in particular) you will probably fall in love with this continent forever.

Our camps offer an authentic experience with a chance to reconnect with nature. Our guides all have beautiful stories to share whether it be from their time spent in some of Tanzania’s most remote wildlife wildernesses or sharing their interesting folklore stories.

If you enjoy engaging with new cultures, you will thoroughly enjoy getting to know Tanzania and all this beautiful country has to offer.

What does the perfect itinerary look like in the South of Tanzania?

We recommend you spend at least ten days on your honeymoon to explore and fully experience the South of Tanzania. Typically, spending three nights at Jongomero, three nights at Siwandu and four nights on Fanjove Island.

If you only have a week we would recommend you include either Ruaha National Park or Nyerere National Park in your itinerary (three nights). End off your safari adventure with four nights on the remote Fanjove Island.

If you are mostly looking for a secluded and relaxing beach experience, but want a few days of safari adventures, we recommend you spend three nights at either Jongomero or Siwandu and then spend seven nights on Fanjove Island. Especially if you enjoy diving or snorkelling, water sports or marine activities this is a great combination.

Exploring Fanjove Island by kayak

View our sample itineraries to find out more about what you can expect during your time with us.

We offer great value with our longer stay packages where you can stay for 10 nights and only pay for 7, or stay for 7 nights and only pay for 5 nights. You are welcome to contact our reservations team at for more information about booking your honeymoon with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our camps for a Honeymoon experience of a lifetime.

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